28hrs and still dark in Indiana

It's been 28+ hours since the electricity went out. 28+ hours without cell phones, tv, internet, even the radio isn't broadcasting most of the time. I heard that the gas station in town still has some gas left and is running the pumps on generators. One of the neighbors, Chad, stopped by because he saw a light back here tonight. I have been running my pond house on solar power for just over a year now so the loss of electricity isn't really that big a deal to me. I guess Chad also heard in town that this isn't just our little rural town. He asked if he would be able to come back tomorrow and charge his cell phone even though they aren't working right now. I almost said no but I didn't really have a good reason to say no other than I don't want the whole town coming out to use my electricity and water. Even as I think that I hear the voice in my head reprimand me for being selfish. Something about this situation makes me feel the need to be selfish.

We are used to being without lights here for up to a week at a time. However this is the first time it has spread this far for this long. I was able to get just enough signal on the old CB I have to hear from some of the trucks stopped up at the Pilot that they have driven thru more than one state without electricity. I guess the interstates are a complete mess. I built my little "shack" a year ago and equipped it with a hand pump for water, solar panels to have a little electricity, wood heat, and a composting toilet. The main house still has all the luxuries but I wanted to try my hand at straw bale building back here by the pond. I was worried about not being able to get to work this morning and not being able to call but it would seem that I wasn't the only one if what the truckers are saying is right. My county had declared a travel emergency according to the sheriff that sent me home today when I tried to leave. I am beginning to think this is different than any other time the lights went out. The neighbors aren't really acting like they think it is normal either. We are used to odd power outages but this is different. I wish it was colder out so I could empty my freezer into the big cooler and set it outside then I wouldn't need the generator. I am trying to run the generator at the main house for just a couple of hours at a time to conserve gas until we know what's going on. It seems like it has to be something odd for the county to be out declaring a travel emergency on a quite spring day. It's odd to look toward the Casino several miles away and not see a glow. I guess I will turn out the light and charge my cell phone, laptop, and kindle with the batteries. Tomorrow is supposed to be wet and rainy. I have a feeling I won't get much solar power. I am starting to wish I had taken the time to set up that little wind generator I bought this winter as a spring project. Just to keep the batteries charged so I could charge my phone. Who knows when the cell towers will start to work again. I guess I'll try to get some sleep and quit wondering what's really going on. I am definitely acutely aware of being 28+ hours without a cell phone and without a news report. It's very isolating out here in the middle of no where without those things. #lightsoutproject

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