I'm so glad the bread finished baking with the power out. I left it in the oven for probably an extra 15 minutes... it's never come up that we don't have any clocks around here before. That would have been a mess if it didn't finish with the cost of all these crazy allergen friendly ingredients we have to use now. I'm a little confused why the power is out anyways, there isn't a storm. I've lived here almost 8 years and the only time it's gone out was when that tree fell through the roof and knocked the lines down. I tried to call my mom to ask if hers was out but my stupid phone isn't getting any reception at all tonight. It must not be important because knowing my dad he would have come over if he even knew my power was out. Obviously there is not a tree in my bedroom this time, so that's a relief.

I wish there were words to describe how grateful I am that the kids love to do puzzles. No power means no router and definitely no netflix. Luckily the baby went to sleep right on time and just before I took the bread out so he wasn't trying to eat the puzzle pieces. The rest of us sat around in the living room putting together Dora puzzles for what felt like years. It was probably only 30 minutes. As quiet as it seems, it's really nice to go to sleep without putting up with an hour of preschool TV shows. I'm going to have to charge my phone when I drive to work in the morning. I spent about 20 minutes playing solitaire on my laptop before using the light to set up a couple candles to use if anybody woke up in the middle of the night. As soon as it got dark out the older kids pretty much passed out... Nights like this I hope my husband comes home early.
I'm in Fenton, MI

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