Lights Out: Hour 1

Dammit! Right in the middle of a movie on Netflix. The lights flickered, came back for a second and went out again. Five minutes, 10 minutes. 20 minutes and nothing.
My kids asked me what happened. “No idea” I tell them.

6:37 Still light outside, no big deal.
I walk outside,can't tell if it's just us or not. I see neighbors standing around looking as bewildered as I am. Must not be just our house then.

6:43 Checking my phone again for the time. Gotta stop doing that. Glad I kept it on the charger all day. Gonna need it in another hour for sure. Wife isn't home from work yet,should be on her way.

My kids and I decide to sit outside, the cat and dog sitting at the front door watching their humans. The sun is going down behind the houses, not much daylight left. No sign of any utility trucks yet. Maybe there was an accident somewhere? Some idiot taking out lightpole somewhere...

I look up the road and spot our van. My wife tells us it's dark all over, no stoplights working anywhere, cops out directing traffic where they can. 

6:53 Catch myself checking my phone again, I notice no bars. Shit! No calls in our out I guess. Have to wait it out and see when the lights will come back on. Gotta be soon, right?

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