Update April 16th, 2012 4:21pm Hartford County CT USA

OK this is quite crazy No Power & we haven't yet been told why & the past 2 days it's been Summer Heat instead of Spring 
Sunday it was in the low 80s & today it was projected to possibly a record breaking 90? This late in the day & it's 89 84 in the shade according to the thermometer - Thank Goodness I went & purchased these "silly waste of money" dodads cooling neckties - yes they laughed at me when I decide to pick up stuff like that they see no need for; but today we're wearing them & they do at least help in this heat with no fans or even air conditioning

Living the "primitive life" without power is both tiring & rewarding as I try to find ways to do things that we've always done with power - living on the farm growing up helps me here because we used to lose power at any storm so I draw on those memories but HubbyMan is a city boy & the children grew up in cities & suburbs so they aren't thrilled with the ideas I've set before them.

Using the sunlight to get things done requires for us to get up earlier in the day - since Daughter is a nurse she's still got to go in for work but she's not liking the fact that her job is right in the middle of the ghetto with it's drug users walking all around. HubbyMan has to go into work as well since the utilities are all on standby & as soon as the power is back up they'll be playing catch up in addition to checking all of their systems. They're under a lot of pressure so I am holding down the home front with Baby Genius & just staying home avoiding going out as much as possible. No need to risk running into road rage or those acting crazy because there isn't enough of something in the store so they want to fight over stuff.

Plane traffic is way down with all of this, not certain but it seems only one or 2 a day coming into the airport from our direction. I did hear the radio say that the trains will be running on a Sunday/Holiday schedule until further notice. That makes sense without power many offices are closed anyway.

The Home Depot has had to call in police to break up a fight over generators.
Target is once again using generators to light up a few lights & the registers so people can shop for those items in the store. All of their foods in the cooler section are again being tossed out so they do not get sued for selling food that wasn't kept in the extreme cold. Everything that is BBQ related is pretty much SOLD OUT. Batteries & candles are long gone at this point. They do not know when a shipment is coming next with the power out the reordering system is also down

The governor's office has had twice daily updates but they do not seem to know much more about the cause of the problems except to say that this is a nation wide problem & the National Guard has been called up to assist the local & state police departments. 
Our emergency center has been in operation ever since the 12th when they realized it was a state wide problem. Might not agree with the politics of those up on capital hill but at least our state has a decent emergency center not the best but they are always trying to improve it & do call up those who are needed to run it quite quickly.

Many schools were out for spring break this week & those that weren't already off were off last week. So the schools are once again being used for showering centers for the residents who do not have running water or generator backup for their water pumps. Who would guess that in April they would be talking about opening the schools for cooling centers? The students will most likely have later dates for getting out this year. In the cities they are doing lunches & dinners because the people do not have power at some of the schools or senior centers I've heard on the radio.

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