Not sure who will see this. Internet is out, so keeping a record via Notepad. I am sure that some day we will know the reason for the outage, we just don't know yet

We are actually pretty ok here. We have a gas grill, and a cord of wood, so don't have to deal with cold food or baths. The kids are having "disconnect" DTs (of course), but after a couple of hours, they seem to be happy with entertaining themselves.
All of the "adopted" kids came over. Kinda funny that this is where they choose to go when things are uncertain. They are all out on the patio right now, playing music and hanging out.

Everyone is doing pretty well. Fed, warm, happy. Rediscovering "pre-internet" things.

The one thing that is bothering me the most is something I never thought about in a pre-internet world. How are my friends? How can I check on them? How can I figure out if they are ok? 
The thing, that in the internet age, was so amazing and wonderful, has now become my biggest worry. I care about these people, and now I have lost them all.
Las Vegas, NV

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