Could be time to re-define FAMILY

It;s been an entire week without lights.  I have been sharing the meat out of the freezer because I don't really know how much longer turning on the generator for a couple of hours a day will work.  At the very least I know my neighbors have appreciated it.  It has also been an entire week since I last heard from my long haul truck driving boyfriend.  I hope he is ok but I am sure sleeping in a truck where he may or may not have food, water, and fuel isn't safe.  With no cash coming in and no real valuables with him he is probably finding it hard to get resources.  I did go into town on the four wheeler and get his mom.  She was scared because things in town are getting dicey and she is out of gas for her generator.  Some looting of the local grocery and drugstore for essentials.  She didn't want to leave her condo but I told her, "Any things you have here that get stolen we will replace when this is over and any property damage will be up to your landlord to replace.  You have insurance. It doesn't cover replacing your life, let's go!"  Promising her fresh water and food seemed to convince her.  While i was in town I went ahead and took all the cans of shortening from the grocery.  I figured it up and I owe them $35 when this is over.  That's fine.  Each can will make one 45 day candle with just a piece of string pushed down in it.  Oh and I also took two decks of cards to entertain us and a bag of dog food in case the boyfriend gets home with his dog.
Last night his sister, who hasn't spoken to us in over two years, walked back to the house while i was running the generator.  She asked for gas.  I lied and told her this was the last of it.  But I gave her a 5 gallon bucket of water I had filled from the well to water plants and 2 lbs of hamburger for dinner.  I also took all the hunting gear and ammo back to the pond house with me last night.  I am going to check tonight to see if she needs more water or meat.  Also give her one of the candles.  For the sake of her daughter still at home it is the least I can do.  
My son has been clearing the trees around the pond and cutting them up so we have wood.  I have a rocket furnace in this house so we won't have to burn much wood even in a cold snap other than for cooking.  I saw Officer Vacarro while I was in town.  He said the next city over is really a mess.  He said they have called in the National Guard.  Thankfully it hasn't spilled over to here much.  Vacarro asked how we were doing out here, while he eyed my massive supply of shortening.  I am fairly sure he knew where I got it and just didn't say anything.  Probably thinks I am nuts for taking something that most think has no value right now.  I told him we were hanging in and decided I should play up how awful it is so it wouldn't get around town that we have water and lights.  So far they are handling it ok, short of the looting. But town hasn't been without power for more than a week in a long long time and most are starting to get freaked out.  I guess I never really thought before how much we rely on electricity.  It entertains us, soothes us, gives us our imagined strength and power.  I am also thankful for reading those Foxfire books as a kid and having an interest in simplistic lifestyles because if this goes on for another week those will be the things that keep us going out here in the pond house.
I hope my friends and family are doing ok.  My worries for them take a lot of my time and thoughts.  I am going to start working on the summer's garden tomorrow if it doesn't rain just so I can distract myself.  I find working outside during the day helps wear me out so I can sleep at night.

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