Meanwhile in Space

I'd decided to wake him and explain again. "It's been two and half hours." I repeated to Flight Officer Swaney. "No lights, no sign of power at all".

Floating toward me, still rubbing sleep from his eyes, "What region of the US?" 

"All of it."

"Bull shit, that doesn't happen." Nudging past me he looks out the port hole. "Damn. The whole thing. How long has it been."

"Damn it, like I said ... about two and a half hours. Went out at 6:17pm. That's it. I tried reaching the ground but nothing. Seems like there down to?"

"That's eerie. seeing it like that, outlined by Mexico's lights ..." He turns toward me " .. what about the other listening stations, England, Russia?"

"Nothing, from them but being geostationary like we are I'm not sure if they have power or not but the U.S. is out completely. Nothing, no power, no communication, no back-ups. What should we do?"

Turning toward me, doing his best to put himself between me and the port hole and looking directly at me. "Look, Canada is out as well ..."

"Shit, I didn't notice"

"You didn't notice Canada... Anyway. Pay attention, You need to wake the others and get us moving. I want us in a real orbit so we can take a look at everything as we pass over."

I was listening but he must have seen the look in my eyes as I was peering under his left arm pit.

"What?" irritation crossing his face.

"South Americas lights just went out."

Turing to face the porthole ... "We may have a problem."

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