Lights Out at the Plant....

4/13/12 9pm PST

Shit. The power has been out for a little over 27 hours now... starting to get a bit worried.

Guess I better journal whats happened so far, keep a record JIC.

So I was at work, half way through my shift, when the power went out and we damn near had a level Three toxic event at the plant. Two of the emergency generators didn't power up and almost caused chlorination to dump chlorine gas straight into the air. Of course, I was driving around in my golf cart making my patrols when it happened and I got the call on the radio to go check in with the folks in the command center... Utter bullshit. These fucks wanted me to strap on my emergency respirator and head over to the generators and try to manually power them up. That meant passing through chlorination to get there. Thankfully, by some miracle, as I'm putting the respirator on, the second one that powers chlorination fired up on it's own, followed a few seconds later by the third one and they told me via radio that I didn't need to try and power them on anymore. Shit yeah! Crisis avoided! I so fucking hate this place....
The rest of my shift was easy, I was tasked with the ever important job of sitting in the north 40, with a flood light, making sure we had nobody trespassing since all the cameras are down. Easy money! Tried to call Moms cell, fucking thing isin't even connecting.

Driving home was a fucking pain in the ass though, took me three hours to go seven miles. Got in at 2am, mom and Syd were soundly asleep upstairs and I figured I better try to get some sleep too. I wind my alarm clock up and head to bed. 

5am. I'm wide awake. Can't sleep. This insomnia is seriously annoying me. Fuck it, I wanted cereal so I headed downstairs to the kitchen.
Mom was already awake and had a cup of coffee, she looked scared.
I told her I had heard that all of Vegas and Henderson had no power and that once the Sun came up, I will hook up my CB and Linear and try to see if I could get any information.

930am I finally get the CB and amp hooked up to my car and fire it up. Nothing. Fuck. 
After about 25 minutes of twisting dials searching side bands I finally get something, but it's weak, just a message to stay calm and stay in our homes. And to stay tuned for further information.
I notice now that there is no air traffic and it's eerily quiet. It feels the same way the strip felt on 9/11, dead. People walking around like zombies, no air traffic allowed so people had no way of leaving. They just wandered around aimlessly. Yeah, now I'm creeped out. 

4pm, still no power or word on the CB about the power outage. Guess I better fire up the Bar-B-Que and cook all the meats we have, try my best to preserve them.

6pm, I apparently passed out on the couch while cooking the meats. Mom took over though so we have fresh food, for now. Really thanking the universe for last weeks sale on Arrowhead, we should have enough water for a week or so.

10pm. I think I'm going to try and sleep on the couch tonight, I have a bat and all the doors and windows are locked. Mom and Sydney are asleep upstairs.

Will try to write tomorrow.

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  1. Interesting post - wondering how true to life this chemical disaster could be? In real life do you work at a plant that could have this sort of problem? If yes I'd like to see a few more posts from you as to how the company is working to ensure that a chemical disaster does not happen.