Coping without Power - Lights out In Michigan

We were trying to move our garage door to get my car out when mom and dad stopped by. He has no idea what is going on, but said it will be back within a couple hours. That was last night, and it's still pretty quiet around here. He helped me move the boat from the abandoned neighbor's yard into my garage... always wanted a boat and it's been sitting there for over a year.

Mom said even with the generator their cable doesn't come in. We agreed that I was going to move there this morning if the power wasn't back because their generator powers their well and major appliances, and if needed we can load the chest freezer into a van to plug it in. The night flowed smoothly, I crashed so fast after not sleeping the night before. We haven't seen much of the neighbors who all seem to be doing yardwork and grilling.
This morning was spent sorting through the fridge, tossing out whatever can't be saved and placing safe items in a bin for transport. The upside of all of the boy's allergies is that most of our food is shelf stable and the fridge is mostly left overs. With the fridge empty and the water not running, the little drama queen (who is mad at me because her humidifier won't turn on?!?)  helped me carry the shelves out to the stream in the back to wash the shelves off. Never again- there are WAY too many bugs back there. 

I think it's time to move out, the baby is napping and I am now being begged for popsicles. They were bound to get tired of puzzles eventually. I really don't want top open the big freezer, we have a ton of meat in there. 

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