No power here either...

I can't believe that we're in the dark Still AGAIN aarrgghh I hate CL&P with their foolish mess.
Dark Cold & using the bathroom by candle light is not fun in this slightly chilly morning
It's 4:46a according to the TracPhone April 13 2012 & still no power, the little solar lights have pretty much given off the last of their lights until they get charged up from the sun again. 
I do hope that it's sunny so they get a full charge if I recall it was supposed to be in the high 60's for temps but I cant recall how much sun I wasn't paying attention to the news when the power went out

No one seems to know why but from what I'm hearing from the neighbors the stories are all the same
For some unknown reason at 6:17pm everyone's lights just went out then insert traffic horror story of your choice due to no street lights & no signal lights although heaviest of the rush hour was done prior to the lights going out. 
Too bad for the folks who got stuck in the stores when the power went out trying to pick up dinner.
Thankfully there was still some sunlight left so I fired up the grill on the deck & just put the pot with the meat on the grill to finish cooking

I called Hubbyman at work to find out how long will the battery backup last on the phone line & did he hear anything about an accident or something taking down a line in our area.
I had to call the cell & leave a message because the phone line at Comcast was busy; when he called back he was quick & annoyed because the techs who were out in the field are all reporting that the lights have gone out All Over the State. 
He was waiting to hear back from CL&P as to what's going on & when will the power be back on & no one seems to know what happened much less when will it be back on. 
They told the techs to tell the customers they'll have to reschedule because they can't do any work with the power out & to come on back to the office.

Just Great CL&P was lying it's butt off about power restoration for SnowTober Storm Alfred & they knew what was happening then with advanced notice & 1/2 of the state was still out for 2 weeks... 
Hate to think how long we'll be out this time with all parts of the state reporting outages.

To avoid the possibility of running out of gas like last time HubbyMan stopped by the gas station that was open last time & 
YES! yes they had their generator up & running & of course the long line. 
Poor HubbyMan he didn't get home until almost 11 mostly due to waiting on line for gas fill up. 
He's out like a light after eating dinner snoring loudly & Percy the Destructo Pup is snoring away fully tired out from playing with KenZo & Kai. "The Boys" are back to sleeping too just a slight turning around because they heard me up.  

Almost full house tonight, Daughter came over after work to be here with Baby Genius & her pups. 
Baby Genius was brave when the lights went out & called his mom to tell her the lights went out in the whole complex. 
She called while I was waiting for HubbyMan's return call so I went over to pick Baby Genius & "the boys" up since this was her late night & she wouldn't have gotten back home until after it was dark. 
He was ready when I pulled up; I saw him looking out the window for me. Little Mr Macho put on a brave face but I do sense he was glad that "Mom-Mom" was here to get him so he wasn't alone - yes it's scary being a latch key kid when the lights go out.
By the time I got up the stairs he was pushing the dog crate with Kai out into the hall. I grabbed KenZo's leash so Baby Genius could lock up & we were headed back here.

Typical mother I can't sleep without knowing that everyone is ok... haven't heard from Son who is heading down towards Florida working on the cruise ship. Just need to hear my baby's voice to know that he is ok. 

Have to conserve the batteries on the radio, if the lights do not come back on by 5:30a they have already said that schools will be closed. I think that's the time that the Governor is supposed to be doing the update from the State Emergency Center or maybe it was 7a? I have to pay more attention today.

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  1. Hi! I followed down Te Tillett's recommendation to read your story. Good work. You are spot on with the point about latch-key kids and the lights going out.