Power out in Hawaii too

Hmm...12:15PM. What should I have for lunch? I message my coworker in the other office to see if or what they want. No response, he’s probably on the phone. Oh, look, another email. <click>

Dammit. Did the power just go out? Silence in the office, the only light is from the noon sun filtering through the blinds. Ashley and I look at each other, and we stand up to go outside. Everything is eerily quiet, no hum of air conditioning, no buzz from the power lines. Just the wind whispering through the trees and confused people murmuring. As we look around on the walkway, other people, including our coworkers are exiting their offices, and we see people leaving stores from the mall level below us. I get a text from my boss on the other side of the island “Is the power out?”. I respond, “Yeah, you too?” Him too. Great, another island wide power outage where we’re out of power for 24 hours. Good thing I’m stocked up on SPAM and toilet paper.

Mobile service is spotty as I see my bars flash from full to none and back again. I get a text from my friend in Boston, he was at home and the power went out. I texted back, “Weird, us too. Maybe it’s Armageddon ha ha”. As soon as I hit send, I have a sinking feeling in my gut. Maybe I wasn’t so far off, power out from Boston all the way to Hawaii? The whole United States? Hmm.. now what will I eat for lunch?

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