I was about two hours into my shift when the power went out.  I only noticed initally because the computer winked out when I was checking in a guest.  I checked the elevators, walking to every floor, smiling and chatting at every guest who was milling in the hallway.   Gladly there was nobody stuck in the elevators.

I try to call my manager, but the phones are dead.  I try my cell phone and get nowhere.  I pull out a clock radio and run it on the battery nothing but static.  I try to call my wife and I get the same lack of signal.  I deal with the guests who are good humored about the situation, as well as the guests who seem to want to blame me for this.

Its 11pm and the lights are still out I count down the drawer by hand and drop the fifteen dollars I made on this shift into the safe.  Everyone who has checked in I've done by hand, the best way I know how.  I can only hope the power comes back during the night and we can run the credit cards.

I jump into my Jetta and drive home.  Only one station is broadcasting now, a weak broadcast to keep calm and to wait for more news.  None of the traffic lights work on the way home, luckily traffic is light so there is really no need for them.  As I pull into the driveway I look up.  The stars at night, have never been so bright here in the heart of Texas.

I walk to the bedroom using the light of my phone and kiss my infant son on the head and crawl in bed next to my wife.  I quietly hope that the lights come back on tomorrow morning.

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