When the lights first went out we didn't think anything of it. Honestly we didn't even call the electrical company for a few hours. It seemed the whole towns lights were out and we just assumed that everyone else had called them. The wife and I fired up the grill on the back patio and pulled some hot-dogs out of the fridge, and grabbed a beer. We made sure to keep it closed to keep the cool in. The neighbors were on their decks too and we had our battery operated weather radios out. It was weird because we could only get one station that seemed to be a tape playing over and over about please stay calm... I was unable to call on my cellphone just got the fast busy signal, and my internet on my phone didn't work either. Still we weren't that worried. Marie had the next four days off and we had food, and the weather was nice. After dinner we lit some candles and went to bed early. It was strange being in bed at 8pm but it was stone cold dark and really what else was there to do. The dogs were nervous and our Boxer slept by the door instead of in the bed like she usually does. I think she was more nervous then we were.

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