The lights are out but life moves on.

Not expecting this to go beyond the first night, we used our toilets without flushing. So grateful I had a "home ownership for dummies" lying around. Yay for flushing with a bucket of water! We have been trying to dig a hole to make a little outhouse but our soil is rocky. I guess I should have expected a completely inexplicable world wide power outage when I was selecting the grade of dirt to fill my yard with? After the first 6" or so, it's almost more productive to use a broom than a shovel. At least the broom already lived outside so we don't have to ruin a good one.

The lack of social media is driving me insane, I've been writing blogs on paper as if people actually want to read them. I keep opening my laptop expecting to check facebook and see how people are, then getting sad again when it doesn't work. The kids found an old mp3 player and blasted kid bop songs until the batteries ran out, then mostly cried to sleep because they wanted the TV back and I wouldn't turn it on. 

We ran out of the water dad gave me. This morning I filled some pans of water from the stream and boiled it over the fire pit but it's gross. I have no idea how sick this is going to make us if I cook with it. This water isn't exactly fresh, I think it's run off from a treatment plant or something so who knows what chemicals it's full of but it got our hair clean.

I usually see my brother and sisters or at least hear from them every couple of days. I feel so alone.

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