Day 2 ... Things are getting a bit frantic in Michigan.

Parking in the garage means we never use the front door. So it didn't even occur to me last night that maybe, I should move all the boxes of crap blocking it shut before my husband comes home and the garage door doesn't work. You would think I would think of that, and I did- at about 11:30 when I was woken up by a ringing door bell and insanely loud pounding on the door. 
Of course now my phone died because I need a new battery, so all those candles *would* have come in handy if I could see enough to light them. Usually Michael is home quite a bit earlier. Usually he doesn't seem frantic. Then again, usually he isn't pounding on the door in total darkness, so I can forgive the intrusion on my rest. At this point he tells me it's not just the local power, as his 40 mile drive let him in on the secret that there is no power anywhere. Anywhere anywhere, not just wherever I think of first, and people in the city are completely panicking, hence the extra two hours to drive home. 
I had no idea it was so late. That means I slept through my shows. 

With that out of the way, what the hell does it mean that there is no power? How is there just NO power? That's not a thing, there are power outages, there are downed lines, there isn't just no power. So much for sleeping. The remaining minutes of his phone (nobody makes a sufficient phone battery anymore) had to go to lighting some tapers and finding that wind up emergency radio... which told us nothing as apparently it gets no reception. It's not clear if it's the radio, which has never been used before, or a lack of stations.  

So we sat in bed for a couple hours, speculating on whether we were about to be killed in some one time only event or if the power would be on in the morning and the world would continue like nothing happened. I never got back to sleep. I spent a little while crying before hearing what I imagine every pre-schooler's mom hears when they wake up in pitch black - "EEHHHHH...  thud  thud thud... crash...  I knee juice." I think it's ok to open the fridge for that.   

First things first this morning... once the sun came up... first I suppose meaning ONLY because nothing around here works, we packed a little suitcase to go to grandma's house. Usually, if I had a day off I would start some laundry, do the dishes, maybe vacuum something. Yeah, that won't work and somebody let the three year old leave our broom out in the snow this winter.  
I got the girl ready for school this morning but the bus didn't come. This worries me, but I can't tell if I'm supposed to be worried because I know NOTHING. All I could think of while packing was the distinct lack of background noise. That faint buzz from the Wii, the TV, the computer's fan, the cars driving by, my kids making me watch Dora... it is all gone. I am so glad. Then I tried to shower. This better be fixed by tonight, our well doesn't work meaning lukewarm water was literally trickling onto my head. Now my hair is all frizzy. I've spent less than a day without power and already I'm remembering why I don't like camping. 

I think I'm going to put the suitcase in the car and visit my parents for dinner. They probably have some great explanation seeing as how they can call people. Too cheap to turn on the land line? Yup, that's me. 

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