4/21 Frisco Texas

It has been over a week since the power went out and we haven't heard anything from anyone.  All food in the fridge is gone, and I'm sick of eating hard boiled eggs at every meal.  We haven't gotten into the freezer yet but I can already tell that most of the stuff in it is going to thaw out within the next few days.

The worst situation is the water and baby formula situation.  My two month old son has been eating and growing tremendously the last few days, and we are only down to a day, maybe two left of his formula.  The three gallon jug of water that we had left is running low as well.  I know I have to do something soon.

My wife and I considered moving in with her parents who live nearby, but we aren't ready to abandon our house yet.  A few days ago there was a gang of men with a generator on the back of a pick-up truck.  They went door to door in our neighborhood, offering use of their generator for any supplies.  I didn't appreciate the way the guy cased my house as he knocked on my door with the butt of his shotgun, and lately I have been keeping my own Louisville Slugger close by.  Every night we hope that the power comes back on, and every morning we are greeted with the same disappointment.

Tonight though I know that I have to do something.  Liam will be out of food tomorrow.  I grab the 5 gallon gas can that is half full, and put it in the trunk of my Jetta.  I put the baseball bat in the passenger seat and place a couple spare bricks that were in our garage on the seat next to me.  I drive with my lights off to the Kroger nearby.  Its pitch dark and my black Jetta.  I roll into the parking lot and see the same pickup truck from the other day is parked in front of the doors, several of the men with shotguns are sleeping inside the store and two others keep watch.  I park my car in the back, grab the bat and a brick to smash a window to get in.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing man? You think you can roll up on us in the middle of the night?"

I swear to myself for being stupid and being discovered.  "I need in there.  I need food for my kid."

"What do you have to trade, we can't let you in for nothin' asshole."

I squeeze the handle of the bat.  "How about some gas, I grab a cart and load up and don't bother you again."

"How much gas?"

"At least 4 gallons." I lie, I know there is less than that in the can, i just gamble that this guy doesn't know what a full can feels like.

"Get it and we'll let you in."

I run back to the car, grab the gas can out of the trunk and walk back, I drop it at the guys feet and grab a cart.  I load up on formula and a couple jugs of water.  I load up the rest of the cart with canned food and pasta.  I make sure I'm quick and don't overstay my welcome here.  I walk quickly back to the car and throw everything in the trunk as quickly as I can.  I shut the trunk and quickly get in the car.  I notice a truck start to follow me on the way out.

I drive away from my house, and keep driving, staying on major streets as long as I can.  After about an hour he gives up and stops tailing me, and I take the long way back home.  The sun is rising as I pull in my driveway.  I pull out an old couch that was sitting in the garage and park my car inside of it.  I close the door behind me.  Last thing I need is those guys knowing where I live.

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