Is this disruption world-wide? News from Sweden.

Well, here's the deal. I'm going to write this now, but you won't see
it until later. I don't have the internet right now and I can't figure
out what's wrong with it, so for now I'll put this on my computer and
post it later.

We stayed up with friends last night, got to bed around midnight. I
got to meet the new baby in the neighborhood. :)
But it's an odd morning. Something feels off, but everything looks
okay. I don't usually talk about this, but my overall sense of
“something's strange” is strong today. When the Bearded Guy gets up,
he'll tell me to calm down, but right now, it's just weird.

The television is missing most of our normal channels. And the
Swedish-language news has something about electricity, but I can't get
the English news to come up and my Swedish is still too weak to really
understand what they're saying. I did notice that we must have had an
electricity outage overnight, two of the clocks were blinking when I
got up. The newsreader's tone is odd, too, she's usually more chirpy
than this. I'll have to wait until he's awake.

I've made coffee, emptied the dishwasher from last night, started a
load of laundry and sat down to get online, but that's where it went
really wrong. Where's my internet?

I've reset the router twice. I tried plugging in both our USB modems.
Here's where it gets strange. The modems go to two different ISPs.
Both of them, I can get to the ISP, but not out from there. They give
me the “limited availability” message. From one of them, I get it.
It's the same ISP that handles the home internet – maybe that power
outage overnight has something to do with them. But the other one?

I guess it's just a sign that I should work offline today. Paperwork,
painting and nail art, here I come! Enjoy your Friday, folks.

(notes from 11 a.m., Sweden)

The Bearded Guy is awake. And something is wrong with the world.
He meant to get up and watch F1 practice this morning. I've never
heard so much cussing out of him. He can't  get the TV channel he's
paid for to load in the browser to watch through ViaSat. He is pissed
that the alarm didn't go off to wake him up. And I had to watch him
reset the router twice (I had already done that) looking for the

Convincing him to just sit and have tea is not easy to do when he's
missing Formula 1. Okay, so he's addicted to his sport. Imagine if the
USA couldn't get their football or baseball or hockey games? Yeah.
Like that.

And I tried to call Tracy, but the phone is acting up. We aren't
getting a dial tone on the house line and the mobile phones claim to
have service, but no calls will actually go through. She's at least
awake at this hour. But without the internet, I can't hit her up on
chat, either. Wonder if we're the only ones. There's a lot of activity
outside, the stores seem to be open and people are shopping. The
trains aren't running, though. That's the most noise – the
announcements from the train stations.

A little odd for a Friday.

I have to admit, it's kind of funny watching him get frustrated with
the television and cable/internet hookups. Once I can convince him to
eat, everything will be better, I'm sure.

(notes from noon in Sweden)

This is not funny anymore.
John gave up fighting the internet and turned on the television to the
news station. There's power gone in North and South America. Limited
news from there. Very limited.
It's too early for me to call my family. They're on the East Coast and
it's only 6 a.m.  My family isn't likely to be awake just yet. Another
hour, minimum. I don't like it when there are storms and I can't get
through or have to wait. But power's gone? What happened?

And the electricity issues are here, too. The trains are not running,
but it seems most of the cities are okay for now. Wind and water runs
a lot here. There's nuclear, too, but that's in only a few places.

Probably worse in the villages and country areas. Our town isn't huge,
but it's not a village. The building we're in and the stores around us
appear to be okay, but we don't know about the folks who live just
outside of town. And we still don't have phones.

(1 pm in Sweden on Friday)

The television shut off. All by itself. And we seem to be losing the
stores, too. There's plenty of sunlight, but no power. We can't be
sure what time the trains stopped running – but evidently it was early
this morning.

The laptops and the phones and the iPad are all fine for now – they
were fully charged overnight. So we have things we can do. At least
for a while. Although, the phones can't make or receive any calls or
texts. How odd.

No more coffee, no more hot water for tea. No opening the fridge or
freezer. And the landline is still dead. Not so much as a dial tone.

Mom sent us a portable radio a while back, do we have batteries for
that? John's looking for them now. It's chilly, but nice outside,
we'll go out in a bit and hang out on the terrace with the neighbors.
There's still people to talk to and if those steaks thaw out, we can
at least grill for dinner.

Yay, we have batteries!

I guess for a while, we'll just act like the rest of the world and
join the party on the terrace. See if anyone of the neighbors knows

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